Yes, that's right - chocolate wax! The wax is natural and locally produced right here in the Mile High City. It's a Girl Thing uses only hard wax because it is  gentle on the skin, you will immediately notice the lack of redness and stinging as compared to other waxes. Kristi and Lara are both skilled and knowledgeable waxers with years of experience. They create a comfortable yet fun environment for even the most personal services. 


Make your first wax a relaxing and fear-free experience! 
If you are apprehensive about the pain, you can take ibuprofen 30 minutes before your appointment. 
For body waxing, please allow two weeks of hair growth before your treatment. Discontinue any product that exfoliates or dries the skin one week prior to your appointment. You may not be a candidate for waxing if you use Accutane or Retin A / Retinol.
For a Brazilian wax, leave your modesty at the door! We are professionals and we do our best to put you at ease by working quickly and giving you an amazing wax which leaves you feeling beautiful. Trust us, it doesn't hurt nearly as bad as you imagine or have been told.  


Brazilian | $60

Bikini Full | $50

Bikini Line | $25


Eyebrow | $15

Lip | $10

Chin | $10


“It is like getting waxed with Tootsie Rolls, that wax smells amazing!”
— Savannah G.
“Seriously? That was it? That was nothing like the Brazilian I had a few years ago. I am doing this regularly now.”
— Ann G.
“My brows look fabulous, thanks! Now for down-under, I’m glad you are so fast! “
— Heather R.